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Precision Paragliding

East Scotland Paragliding club

"ESP not a club for 'Paranormal' pilots but for 'Para-extraordinary' Pilots!"

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Membership of ESP is open to PG pilots who consistently display good airmanship and who fly in compliance to UK Air laws.

Members are required to remain current (at least 25hrs flown p/a), a few individual sites have either stricter club restriction or legal requirements which members must abide by (this can be airlaw i.e. airspace or ATC requirements or local bylaws). In the case of ‘club’ restrictions these are normally complying with simple requests from the farmers / landowners regarding flying arrangements, this may be as simple as ‘PPR’ i.e. giving  prior phone notification by the club rep to check on any issues that may be relevant that day before pilots drive to the site.

How we started:

ESP was started in 2003 by Duncan Booth & Murray Hay to provide a club with a fresh 'aviation based' approach for ALL PG pilots living (or regularly visiting) the East of Scotland, who treat paragliding as a serious branch of aviation, no matter where they first trained.

Check flights

New members require a check flight on applying to join, this is normal practice in joining general aviation clubs and in view of the number of BHPA ‘CP’ pilots who can’t launch with assistance we have had to adopted this policy. In addition at the time of this update the BHPA  have so far had ELEVEN mid air collisions in 2015... Check flights help ensure our club does not suffer from the high accident rates others suffer from. In addition there are issues that arise due to the lack of 'currency', new low airtime members are restricted to ‘club flying’ at some club sites until their hours (and site) currency have reached the required reasonable standard (note this does not apply to ‘open sites’.

As an indication of what can be safely achieved, Murray who provides both training & re-training has himself flown over ten thousand hours so far since his first flights in the mid 90’s!

The club is registered with the BHPC one of our national sporting body's, the sporting body being the BHPA which a number of our members also belong to.

Nairn Ferrier

Nairn Ferrier 1969~2009

Visiting Pilots

Visitors are welcome to join us for flying, the club simply asks that you contact one of the senior Club members, Alan Coffin Aberdeen / Murray Hay Tayside & Fife, or Duncan Booth (Aberdeen w/e only) to check on any site requested restrictions from our farmers & landowners as we have had a number of complaints over the years due to BHPA pilots landing in the wrong locations or flying ‘closed’ sites, this included flying farm sites during Foot & Mouth closures!

Murray: 0783-11-22-480 (24/7)

The latest LOA with RAF Leuchars regarding the paragliding sites in the NE of Fife has been signed (2015), despite the RAF squadrons no longer being based at Leuchars it’s still active (we’re seeing a lot more heli trafic with the Army presence)

Club members are required to read it before flying those club sites to ensure safe separation between RAF aircraft (Jets/Helicopters etc.) and members!

Members must have a min of 2Mil UK 3rd party liability insurance. Insurance cover proof to be shown on request at all club sites. NOTE: some sites require personal as well as 3rd party insurance.

The club has a ICAO aviation Radio call-sign for use by members, enabling access to airspace/ATZ’s that would otherwise be closed to paragliding provided they hold a FRTO.

The club R/T licenses cover 118.675mHz  for members who do not have a FRTO, this permits flying along WITH a member who holds a FRTO  when in controlled Airspace/ATZ’s etc.


Use of illegal (2m/144mHz) radios is not permitted at the club, as these radios render the flight illegal the pilots insurance is null & void!


As on many club sites the L/Z is out of site of the T/O BHPA ‘Club (Novice) Pilots’ MUST take out personal 3rd party insurance as their BHPA insurance is not valid for bottom landing flights!


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